About the project

I am an illustrator, who lives and works in Tel Aviv.

In the May of 2014, I decided to draw my Facebook friends' profile pictures for the "Tel Aviv  Illustration Week".

At first, I drew some of my colleagues and students' profile pictures, then I added other friends, some of whom are writers, politicians and kids. By the time, Illustration Week was over, I had drawn almost 150 profiles, most of which are  in this web site.  

I used only a brush and ink and promised myself not to work  on each profile for more than 15 minutes, however, as I went on, I took the liberty of making more than one sketch .  

Accompanying  each profile is how many friends we shared  at the time.

In the end, inspired by the project, I made a large mural out of the separate profile pictures at the Minshar Art Collage, where I am the head of  the Visual Communication Department